Frequently asked questions

To be able to assist you Maisie needs access to your online store, your Facebook Messenger account and your Facebook business account. Access to your online store is required for Maisie to be able to understand your products and customers so that she can help you promote your business online. Access to Facebook Messenger is required so Maisie can communicate with you. Access to your Facebook business account is required so that Maisie can manage and optimise your Facebook ads.

Maisie currently works with BigCommerce stores. We are working hard to offer Maisie to store owners on other eCommerce platforms. If you use another eCommerce platform and would like to use Maisie please drop us a line so we can prioritise it.

Unfortunately, not at the moment. Due to its popularity and ease of use, we have chosen Facebook Messenger as the first messaging app with which Maisie works. Depending upon customer demand we might look at supporting other messaging apps. If you wish to use Maisie with a different messaging platform please drop us a line.

No, Maisie is completely online. You simply authorise Maisie to access your eCommerce Store and other accounts like Facebook and you are good to go. You chat to Maisie using Facebook Messenger so Maisie will be with you wherever you go.

With our free trial, you can use Maisie at no charge for 30 days (no credit card required). After your trial period has finished, you can choose one of our paid plans on our pricing page.

Maisie can manage your ad spend for any 3rd party online ad accounts you connect. However, we do not bill you for your ad spend. You will continue to be billed directly by the 3rd party ad platforms (e.g. Facebook, Google, Bing, etc) on which you ask Maisie to place and run ads on your behalf.

No, we don't. Unlike agencies, which typically charge a 15%-20% media buying fee on top of your ad spend, we don't charge media buying fees. Zero. Nada.

You sure can! You can change your plan at any time to the one that best suits your needs. This will be determined by your annual ad spend.

No, you can try Maisie without commitment. If you subsequently choose a paid plan, you pay monthly and can cancel at any time.

We accept payment by Visa or Mastercard.

To uninstall Maisie from your BigCommerce store simply login to your BigCommerce account then:

  1. Click Apps in the left side menu.
  2. Click My Apps in the left side menu.
  3. Locate the Maisie App and click uninstall.

To remove Maisie from your Facebook Messenger login to your Messenger acount then:

  1. Select your Maisie chat.
  2. Click the settings cog icon.
  3. Click on Delete.

Maisie will no longer be able to communicate with you once you do this.

To remove Maisie from your Facebook account firstly login to your Facebook account. Then:

  1. Click Settings in the top dropdown menu.
  2. Click Apps in the left side menu.
  3. Find the Maisie App in your list of apps, hover over it and you will see an X mark.
  4. Click the X to remove the Maisie App.

Access to your Google Analytics account is managed through the Google Account (Google email address) that you used to sign-up to Maisie. To remove authorization for Maisie to access your Google Account:

  1. Log-in to your Google account and from the Dashboard click the 'Connected apps & sites' link under the 'Sign-in & security' section.
  2. Click 'MANAGE APPS'.
  3. You will see a list of all apps connected to your Google Account. Select 'Maisie' from the list and click the 'REMOVE' button. Maisie will no longer have access to your Google Account or your Google Analytics data.